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Product Information

Professional Design. Elegant Style. Sound Investment
There are times when your sound system needs additional low-frequency output and “punch.“ For those situations, Alto
Professional proudly offer the TX212S powered subwoofer. The TX212S subwoofer extends the bass response of virtually
any full-range speaker, relieving that speaker of the difficult task of having to reproduce the low bass frequencies. This
creates a system with stunning wide-range response characterised by dramatic, impactful low frequencies and effortless,
undistorted mids and highs. The listening audience will hear everything with perfect clarity, from the lowest bass synth tones
to the highest percussion bells and everything in between.
Precision Engineered
The TX212S subwoofer features a band-pass design and a rugged, long-excursion woofer mounted in a solidly-braced
ported enclosure, computer-optimised for powerful low-frequency performance. The enclosure is made from Medium
Density Fiberboard (MDF). This strong, resonant-free material has virtually perfect acoustic characteristics, which ensures
that the TX212S subwoofer's output is always clear and impactful. Cheaper enclosure with flex-prone walls actually rob the
speaker of acoustic impact by dissipating the driver's energy as cabinet vibration. A sturdy, braced MDF enclosure doesn't
waste the driver's motion as cabinet resonance.
Strong, clear output is only half the battle. In order for a subwoofer to be part of an ideal speaker system, it must blend
seamlessly with the companion speaker. This is where the Alto Professional TX212S subwoofer truly excels like none other
in its size category. The TX212S subwoofer features a choice of six selectable DSP output modes so the subwoofer's
frequency response and crossover frequency are perfectly-matched to the speaker that it is being used with. Four of these
six output options match the subwoofer perfectly with Alto Professional's TX2 full-range speakers, while the other two
output options give you Hi-Pass or Bypass mode.
Superior Sound You Can Count On
The TX212S features on-board 900-watt amplifier (450 watts continuous) with proprietary limiting circuitry that provides
electronic clip, thermal and transducer overload protection, ensuring that the system always sounds clean and clear, no
matter how hard it's pushed.
DSP Output Mode
For precise signal adjustment, TX212S employs Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This feature gives you a cleaner, more
accurate sound. The DSP controls EQ, distortion detection/limiting, crossover frequency and signal delay with virtual
perfection and without the production variability inherent in analogue filtering. Simply stated, DSP takes an analogue signal,
converts it to digital and then performs all the desired modifications and adjustments in the digital realm, where it's totally
free from the inaccuracies and susceptibility to added noise that plague analogue signal processing. DSP is a major reason
why Alto Professional subwoofers are so clean, dynamic and versatile.
The DSP Output Mode switch on the rear panel of TX212S toggles between six settings that adjust delay, crossover
frequency and the level of the XLR outputs. This feature optimises your speaker system performance while also simplifying
your full-range speaker + subwoofer setup. If you have an Alto Professional TX2 loudspeaker, using the correct setting will
allow your loudspeaker and TX212S to be time-aligned, crossed over at the ideal frequency and level-matched. Press the
DSP Output Mode switch to select between the following settings:

  • TX208: Matches TX212S with the Alto Professional TX208 full-range speaker.
  • TX210: Matches TX212S with the Alto Professional TX210 full-range speaker.
  • TX212: Matches TX212S with the Alto Professional TX212 full-range speaker.
  • TX215: Matches TX212S with the Alto Professional TX215 full-range speaker.
  • High Pass: Employs a 100Hz crossover frequency with no delay or level adjustments. This setting works quite well with
    a wide variety of non-Alto Professional speakers.
  • Bypass: Bypasses the DSP functions (there will be no crossover, delay or level adjustments). This setting is ideal for
    daisy chaining subwoofers. Once you have selected a setting, the corresponding LED will be lit.

    Please Note:
    For the TX208, TX210, TX212 and TX215 options, the system is level-matched when the Volume control for your TX212S and
    TX2 full-range speaker are set to 0dB (12 o'clock). This simplifies your setup and elevates the overall system performance.
    If you do not have Alto Professional TX2 full-range speakers, you can still use the first four DSP settings for your existing
    speakers. Cycle through the six options to find the best sound and then make any level adjustments that are needed.
Key Features

  • 900 watts of peak power output
  • High-efficiency Class D amplifier
  • Transducer: 12-inch with 2-inch high-temperature voice coil
  • (2) XLR+1/4-inch combo inputs + (2) balanced XLR line outputs
  • XLR outputs, with six discreet DSP output modes for ideal matching with companion full-range speaker
  • Polarity Reverse switch and Extended LF switch for increased EQ control
  • Electronic clip, thermal and transducer overdrive protection
  • Rugged, internally-braced front-ported MDF cabinet with integrated 36mm pole socket
  • Rugged, mar-resistant splatter-spray finish always looks good, even with heavy use
  • Designed and tuned in the US

Additional Information







Frequency Response

46Hz - 115Hz (- 3dB)




(2) XLR+1/4“ (6.35mm) inputs; (2) XLR outputs; (1) IEC power cable input


16.6“ x 15.9“ x 20.4“ / 421 x 403 x 518mm


Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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