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  • Bop DJ’s Student Giveaway & Discount Scheme 22/23

    Posted By Charlie Oliver (20/09/22)

    If you’re a student heading to Uni this September then you could win BIG, save BIG and get your hands on loads of FREE merch from some of the biggest brands in the DJ industry. __________________________________________ Bop DJ…more

  • The Complete Beginner’s Guide to DJ Gear

    Posted By Hannah Bruce (4/05/22)

    Ready to take your first steps into DJing? It’s an extremely rewarding & fun hobby that many people are fortunate enough to call their job. Working out how to get started with DJing may feel daunting, but fear…more

  • Denon LC6000 PRIME: Innovation & Versatility

    Posted By Liam Dadds (27/04/21)

    The Denon LC6000 DJ controller shares it’s DNA with the professional, club ready SC6000; providing the same look, design & feel. With near infinite setups possible, this versatile controller boasts compatibility with PRIME, Serato, Virtual DJ & Algoriddim…more

  • NEW: Denon DJ Expands Connectivity With Public Beta 1.6 Update

    Posted By Liam Dadds (1/10/20)

    Denon are continuously pushing the boundaries of their players and their next update reflects this. The latest version allows DJs to access Dropbox and BeatSource LINK services directly from any Engine OS device. Engine OS v1.6 also adds…more

  • NEW Virtual DJ Compatibility Support For Denon Prime Hardware

    Posted By Liam Dadds (1/10/20)

    Denon continues on their unstoppable roll with the new Virtual DJ integration! Fusing an ultra-intuitive touch-screen workflow, 1:1 feedback of all critical mix functions, direct control of audio and video FX, multi-color &monochrome moving waveforms, effortless browsing capability…more

  • Introducing Native Instruments MASCHINE+. MASCHINE, but standalone!

    Posted By Hannah Bruce (9/09/20)

    This week in very exciting Native Instruments news: we meet a new product highly anticipated by many. That’s right, standalone MASCHINE is finally here!   We at Bop have over the years had so many customers asking when we think there will be a standalone version…more

  • Live Stream Lighting Tips

    Posted By Charlie Oliver (3/04/20)

    With clubs, bars & pubs all temporarily closed, and social gatherings of more than 2 banned, we’ve seen a huge surge in demand for live streaming setups. Who knows how long it could be before we’re back dancing…more

  • 5 Things A DJ Can Do With An Ableton Push 2

    Posted By Hannah Bruce (20/03/20)

    So often we have DJs coming into our showrooms asking for ways that they can take their DJ sets to new heights, whether this is producing their own original music to play out, or adding production gear to their DJ…more

  • 6 Reasons DJs Should Produce

    Posted By Hannah Bruce (12/03/20)

    One thing DJs often find themselves thinking is: how can I take my career to the next level? Why not try music production? Here’s 6 reasons why becoming a music producer could be the best thing you do.. 1….more

  • Bop DJ x LCoM DJ & Production Quite

    Making Beats in the Suite – Bop DJ’s Education Collaborations

    Posted By Bop DJ (16/09/19)

    Create. Remix. Play. Inspiring DJs & music producers has been our mantra since day one, and this is most evident through our numerous education collaborations with music institutes across the UK. Demand for electronic music production and DJing courses has…more

  • Pioneer DDJ-200

    Pioneer DDJ-200 – Pioneer’s Cheapest Ever Controller

    Posted By Bop DJ (14/05/19)

    Meet Pioneer’s cheapest controller yet: the Pioneer DDJ-200. The perfect entry into the DJing world. No laptop needed either (although you can use one if you want) – only an iPhone or an iPad, or an Android smartphone….more