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  • Live Stream Lighting Tips

    Posted By Charlie Oliver (3/04/20)

    With clubs, bars & pubs all temporarily closed, and social gatherings of more than 2 banned, we’ve seen a huge surge in demand for live streaming setups. Who knows how long it could be before we’re back dancing…more

  • Pimp My Rig! Lighting Accessories You Must Own

    Posted By Bop DJ (6/11/18)

    To go alongside our ever growing list of lighting and smoke machines, we’ve gone about researching and listing the most useful and popular accessories related to lighting. There are many, many ways to configure a lighting set up, and…more

  • Blinded by the Lights: Our ADJ Top picks

    Posted By Georgie Taylor (23/07/18)

    We’ve now got an account with lighting juggernauts American DJ!  They’re the biggest manufacturer of the flashy things, and mobile DJs absolutely love them. We’ve now got all their best-sellers on the website, so we thought we’d better introduce you to…more