Denon LC6000 PRIME: Innovation & Versatility

Posted by Liam Dadds 27/04/21

The Denon LC6000 DJ controller shares it’s DNA with the professional, club ready SC6000; providing the same look, design & feel. With near infinite setups possible, this versatile controller boasts compatibility with PRIME, Serato, Virtual DJ & Algoriddim djay pro. Name another controller that offers a professional, club layout to both standalone & laptop based DJ workflows? We’ll wait.



– Dedicated sub-layer control for SC6000, SC6000M, SC5000, SC5000M PRIME Media Players
– DJ Controller for compatible applications: Virtual DJ, Algoriddim djay Pro AI & Serato DJ Pro
– Familiar look and feel from Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 Media Player
– 8.5” jog wheel with tension adjust
– HD colour jog wheel display
– (8) Multi-function performance pads
– Dedicated loop control
– Dedicated navigation control
– 100mm dual-precision pitch fader
– Pitch Bend buttons
– Track search touch strip
– USB Powered, Plug & Play

Allowing seamless control of dual layering, the LC6000 is the ultimate companion for those looking to expand their PRIME setups without breaking the bank. Pair an LC6000 with a single PRIME player or add LC6000’s to your PRIME setup as additional decks. Use the LC6000 with supported DJ applications with 2 or 4 decks, or even use it to add decks to a 4-channel DJ controller setup.

Utilise The Power of Dual Layering

Denon DJ has the only media player on the market that offers dual-layer playback with independent outputs for each layer. The LC6000 PRIME adds physical control over the second layer, making it easier than ever to perform using just one media player.

A Professional DJ Controller

The LC6000’s plug and play connectivity with DJ software, provides the ultimate club experience over one or multiple software decks, further expanding creative possibilities for the professional DJ. Compatible with Virtual DJ, Algoriddim djay Pro AI & Serato DJ Pro (coming soon).

8.5”Jog Wheel

At the heart of the LC6000 PRIME is a full size 8.5”, capacitive touch jog wheel that features a high-definition central display. This colour display shows track artwork or a custom DJ logo, layered with play head position and other essential performance information.

Expand Your Creativity

Completing the creative toolset, the LC6000 PRIME has 8 robust multi-function performance pads offering Hot Cue, Loop, Roll, and Slicer for enhanced creativity and remixing ‘on-the-fly’. Alongside this, the LC6000 has a dedicated loop section and navigation control, giving DJs complete and confident control of their performance.

As part of the 1.6 update for the ever-evolving Engine OS, the SC range has a new stacked dual-layer waveforms display ensuring all the right information for each track is clearly displayed around the two large waveforms.