pioneer DDJ400 controller

Announcing the DDJ-400

Pioneer DJ Announces new affordable DJ Controller

Posted by vkadmin 29/06/18

The DDJ-400 replaces the DDJ-RB and carries on in the new controller style of the DDJ-1000 but offers a brilliant solution for the beginner to break through into the world of DJing with Pioneer equipment.

Layout changes:

The layout emulates the flagship CDJs and DJM mixers more than ever before so beginners can make a much easier transition to full CDJ & DJM setups when they are ready.

  • Loop in/out and Reloop/Exit on the top left – orange circular buttons
  • Cue/Loop call buttons have been added above the jog
  • Pitch fader to the bottom right, and is now longer
  • Circular indents on the sides of the jog wheels
  • Headphone CUE buttons are directly above channel faders and look and feel similar to DJM range CUE buttons
  • VU meter now higher up
  • Master level knob to the right side
  • Headphones CUE/MASTER Mixing knob has been added and is to the left-side of the mixer section
  • Headphones level knob moved to the left of the mixer section
  • FX ON/OFF button is large & blue, to the bottomright of mixer section, with Shift function for Release FX.
  • Addition of Beat FX to the right of the mixer section, with TAP and AUTO modes, and a button to select the desired effect from the software and a switch to apply FX to CH1, CH2 or master.
  • Addition of a Level/Depth knob for the FX section.

DDJ-400 Front Controls

DDJ-400 Front Controls

Better integration with Rekordbox than ever before:

The LOAD button at the top has a shift function to find Related Tracks your library – Rekordbox suggests to you tracks it deems a similar ‘mood’, a similar ‘era’ (close to year of release), or ‘Association’ (artist, label etc).

The other LOAD button has a shift function to change the View of the Rekordbox software.

When you first plug it in to Rekordbox DJ, the software now automatically comes up with a tutorial, which takes the customer through the basics of setting up, mixing and features a performance video.

DDJ-400 Front

DDJ-400 Front

Performance Pads

They’ve got rid of Slicer and Slicer Loop to make way for Keyboard and Key Shift, and removed Sequence Call to make way for Beat Loop.

Keyboard plays your selected Hot Cue but at different pitches, and Key Shift will change the key of the tune you are playing.

DDJ-400 Design

DDJ-400 Design

Sleek Appearance

Appearance is in-line with new range, rather than using white lines to separate the decks and mixer sections, deck sections are the brushed metal finish and the mixer section a matte black.

DDJ-400 Back Connections

DDJ-400 Back Connections

Other features:

  • Free Rekordbox DJ license
  • Built-in soundcard
  • USB powered
  • Mic input TS jack with level control
  • RCA master out
  • 1 Mini headphone jack