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Product Information

MASCHINE PLUS: MASCHINE, but standalone!

This bundle contains Maschine Plus (which comes with Select) with an UPGRADE to Komplete 13.

One of the most highly coveted products in recent years has finally arrived: Native Instruments MASCHINE+. MASCHINE, but standalone! This bundle pairs MASCHINE+ with Komplete 13, the world's leading production suite.

Fans of the MASCHINE Mk3 that also love the freedom of a DAWless set up will rejoice at this product release. MASCHINE+ brings the best of both worlds, offering that iconic Native Instruments workflow and sound universe in an immersive standalone unit whose rugged built is perfect for on-the-road, stage and studio.

Sampling, synthesis, sequencing and effects are already extremely fluid and intuitive in Native products. MASCHINE+ takes this to a new level by removing the restrictions that a computer and a DAW impose. With endless options for connecting outboard gear, as well as a host of premium Native Instruments sounds, this machine is a fully-fledged music production beast!

MASCHINE+ is the ideal piece of gear for the studio and the stage. It will prove to be an absolute weapon in many a musician’s onstage arsenal once gigs are a thing again. In the meantime, it will make for a highly impressive live-stream performance if that is your bag, with expressive high-impact macros and in-depth tweaking the twist of a knob away!

The ease of getting down the ideas in your head has always been a strong point of Native products. MASCHINE+ is no different - it’s so easy to plug, play and allow your burgeoning ideas to form into fully-fledged songs before your eyes.

MASCHINE+ not only possesses the iconic groove box workflow but also an industry-leading collection of instruments effects and sounds. MASCHINE+ Selection includes all the classics such as MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM and FM8 along with the MASCHINE Factory Library, RAUM, PHASIS, and five Expansions, plus a voucher for two more.

KOMPLETE fans take note: MASCHINE+ Selection qualifies the same as KOMPLETE Select in terms of upgrading to higher versions of KOMPLETE, which is great news for those who want to delve deeper into the glories of Native’s sound universe, for cheaper.

MASCHINE+ comes armed with a multitude of sounds and softwares to be getting stuck into. However, for those who want more: not only can expand your sound library with a vast array of Native Expansions, you can import your own samples via SD and USB storage. Under the hood, a quad core processor and 4 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM power fast, spontaneous creation, to deliver a huge amount of freedom and flexibility when making music. Pop into one of our city centre showrooms to try before you buy and see for yourself all the powers that MASCHINE+ has to offer!

Key Features
  • Immersive standalone workflow for creating beats and melodies, sampling, arranging music, and performing on stage or in the studio
  • Includes MASCHINE+ Selection with industry-leading instruments, sounds, and effects, plus renowned MASCHINE drum and bass synth plugins and effects
  • Quad-core CPU and 4 GB RAM for fast, seamless creation when it counts
  • Pro-grade, 44,1 kHz / 24-bit audio interface with 2 x 1⁄4” TRS line outputs, 2 x 1⁄4” TRS line inputs, 1⁄4” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone output, 1 x MIDI In, 1 x MIDI out; 1 x Footswitch, 2 x USB ports for MIDI controllers / external HDDs
  • Robust, anodized aluminium design for years on the road and in the studio
  • Iconic MASCHINE features and workflow including 16 velocity-sensitive pads, MASCHINE effects and plugins, swing, pad link, note repeat, step sequencer, and vintage sampler emulation
  • Use standalone or with a computer – integrate with your studio workflow, and unplug for DAW-less setups or live performances
  • WiFi and Link enabled for wirelessly installing and updating products, collaborating with others, and syncing with other gear
Included Software
  • MASCHINE Factory Library - 8 GB library of high-quality sounds, drum kits, multi-sampled instruments, patterns, projects, and sliced loops, Bass Synth, and Drum Synths (5 fully tweakable, automatable drum plug-ins)
  • Instruments - FM8, MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, REAKTOR Factory Selection R2, KONTAKT Factory Selection, RETRO MACHINES. Effects -RAUM, PHASIS.
  • Expansions - DEEP MATTER, LILAC GLARE, SOLAR BREEZE, TRUE SCHOOL, VELVET LOUNGE (Plus voucher for two additional Expansions).
  • KOMPLETE Select
KOMPLETE 13 is a complete production suite, packed with legendary synths, sampled instruments, and effects – all the sounds you need for professional productions across any genre or production task. With 65 premium products, 24 Expansions, and over 35,000 sounds, this is the most fully-fledged version of KOMPLETE to date. It features some exciting new additions: GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, NOIRE, ELECTRIC SUNBURST, SUPER 8, and more. KOMPLETE offers massive combined savings - you can save up to 91% on the value of the individual products included, making it a no-brainer purchase for the producer who wants the very most bang for their buck.
Key Features
  • The world’s leading production suite: 65+ premium instruments and effects, 20+ Expansions, 35,000+ sounds
  • Save over 90% of the combined cost of all included products
  • Qualify for a future upgrade to save on larger KOMPLETE bundles
  • GUITAR RIG 6 PRO – the all-new amp and effect modelling platform
  • BUTCH VIG DRUMS – punchy, processed, production-ready beats
  • SUPER 8 – modern take on an 8-voice vintage polysynth
  • Six acoustic pianos, including NOIRE – Nils Frahm’s evocative concert grand
  • ELECTRIC SUNBURST – contemporary electric guitar
  • MODULAR ICONS – legendary, vintage modular synth sounds
  • CUBA – rich, flexible Cuban rhythm and harmonies
  • MASSIVE X – flagship wavetable synthesizer
  • KONTAKT 6, the latest version of the world's leading sampler
  • SESSION STRINGS 2 – 11-piece string ensemble with an intimate sound for contemporary tracks
  • Established favourites like MASSIVE, ABSYNTH 5, FM8, and many other go-to instruments and effects
  • Easy installation from one HDD drive
  • Easy setup, activation, and updating via Native Access
  • Seamless integration with MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards
  • Works with any DAW
  • Register your product and receive a £22 e-voucher to spend at the NI Online Shop

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2 x 1⁄4” TRS line outputs, 2 x 1⁄4” TRS line inputs, 1⁄4” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone output, 1 x MIDI In, 1 x MIDI out; 1 x Footswitch, 2 x USB ports

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