Akai Professional APC64

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Product Information

Akai Professional APC64
Introducing the Akai Professional APC64, the next-generation Ableton Live controller with 64 velocity-sensitive pads and 8 assignable touch strips. The APC 64 also features a colour display with encoder dial for real-time visual feedback, so you can remain focused in the moment.

The Akai APC64 comes with Ableton Live Lite, 1GB of loops and drum samples from Sampletools and a collection of plug-ins from Air Instruments and Sonivox - so you can get creating as soon as you get your APC64 out of the box. Use your APC64 with a computer, as a standalone unit or with external synth and drum machines - there are no limits to your creativity thanks to the MIDI ports and CV/gate outputs.

With Step Sequencing features, creative experimental functions and length and time division settings, the APC64 is a must-have powerful production tool that every producer, singer-songwriter, beat maker and electronic artists need to take their creations to the next level.

Check out this video for further information:

Key Features
  • 8x8 clip launching and note performance matrix.
  • Velocity-sensitive RGB-enabled pads with poly aftertouch.
  • 8 Assignable touch strip faders for mixer, effects, and device controls.
  • Internal 8-track, 32-step sequencer for real-time performing with or without a computer.
  • Note and Drum modes for creative pad performance.
  • Custom mode with Software Editor for full user configuration.
  • 3 1/8” MIDI ports to connect keyboards and desktop synths.
  • 8 CV/Gate output ports to control external modular devices.
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite 11 production software.
You're in Control
For both live performance and music-creation, the APC 64 will add expression to any performance. With 64 velocity-sensitive RGB pads and 8 fully assignable Touch Strip controllers, you can launch clips on the brightest of stages or the darkest of studios.

Constantly control the vibrato, modulation, filter cut-off and other parameters right at your fingertips. You can adjust volume or effects without missing a beat thanks to the APC64's colour screen which displays information about what you are controlling and where your levels are. Stay in full control at any moment.
Be Inspired
The APC 64 is your new musical palette. With Notes and Chords modes, you have the ability to write totally unique chord progressions and melodies. Inspiration can be difficult to find, but you can be sure to find it with the Probability or Mutate features which you can experiment with. Take your music to unexpected directions and record the results instantly with the internal 8 track, 32 step sequencer - who knows what you'll create?
Effortlessly Navigate Ableton Live
Designed with seamless DAW control, the APC64 allows you to effortlessly navigate Ableton Live. There are dedicated Play, Stop and Record buttons and the full colour display instantly feeds back session information. Call up Ableton Live’s functions with secondary controls of the backlit mode buttons that help you save time but more importantly, stay inspired and productive.
Computer, Standalone or External Hardware Control?
Feeling inspired but away from your computer? That's no problem for the APC64 which can be used as a standalone control for your MIDI/CV hardware. It doesn't stop there however, as you can connect to your favourite drum machines, keyboards, synths and more over the USB, MIDI and CV/Gate connectivity.
Personalise your APC64
The Akai APC64 is fully customisable with the APC Project Editor, meaning you can personalise and store your own pre-sets for quick recall whenever you need, whether you're connected to a computer or running the APC64 as a standalone unit.
Included Software and Samples

The APC 64 comes with Ableton Live Lite and a collection of plug-ins from Air instruments and Sonivox; including classic keyboards and synths, as well as reverb, vocal processing and vintage effects to add to your DAW's standard plug-ins.

  • Plug-ins include:
    • Air Instruments Tubesynth
    • Electric
    • Ether
    • Vocal Tuner
    • Half Speed and Flavor
    • Sonivox Essential Keyboard Collection.

The APC64 also comes with 1GB of Loops and drum samples from Sampletools by CR2 Records.

  • Display
    • Graphical full color LCD
  • Connections
    • USB-C®
    • 8 1/8” (3.5 mm) CV/Gate
    • 2 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Output
    • 1 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Input
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 272 x 371 x 34.5 mm
  • Weight 1.6 kg
  • Software: Ableton Live control requires Live 11 or highe

Additional Information



Software Included

Ableton Live Lite


1 x USB-C, 8 x 1/8” (3.5 mm) CV/Gate, 2 x 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Output, 1 x 1/8” (3.5 mm) MIDI Input


Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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