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Product Information

The Pioneer DJS-1000 looks like a cross between the Toraiz-SP16 and the CDJ-2000NXS2 - It’s a standalone DJ sampler (which can also be used with your preferred DJ software if you want), and is built to fit in alongside your CDJ/controller setup.

DJs who want to be able to play with their own track projects on the fly whilst in the middle of their set haven’t been blessed with a brilliant unit which is perfect for that kind of scenario yet. They’ve had hardware which might integrate with their DJ software on their laptop – but this doesn’t eliminate the need for the laptop, whereas the DJS-1000 does.

They’ve also had synths and drum machines which can be used standalone, but there’s no easy way to sync it with your decks. The familiar pitch control, sync/master and nudge buttons on the DJS-1000 make beatmatching any track (even if it’s on vinyl) with your own composition a piece of cake.

If you’ve got a favourite synth or drum machine you already like to use in your sets though, the DJC-1000 allows external hardware to be controlled via DIN-MIDI. And also if you’ve already got an RMX-1000 or RMX-500, you can use them together via the THRU on the DJS-1000.

What’s more, if you’ve already got the Toraiz SP-16, you can use the exact same project files on the DJS-1000. If you don’t have a SP-16,the DJS-1000 comes with free software called the DJS-TSP Project Creator. Samples and loops can be dragged & dropped into the software from your hard drive easily. If you want something to get you started, the software comes with free samples, loops and demo projects made by Loopmasters.

The DJS-1000 has a Send/Return, Performance FX, Live Sampling and Hot Slice features which most other popular hardware sequencers on the market don’t have, which makes it the only one specifically built for your live DJ set.

The 7” colour touchscreen has two displays you can toggle between.  ‘HOME’ view shows you which sample/loop is assigned to each pad. It even has little instrument icons so you can easily spot where your hihat/bass guitar/etc is. ‘SEQUENCE’ view is like your bog-standard left-to-right sequencer view, you can see where each loop sample is going to trigger in your sequence. Then you’ve got ‘PERFORMANCE FX’ view where you can select an effect and simply apply it to whatever track you want. The Mixer screen allows you to sumply adjust the volume of each track.

What’s more you can put it in Live Sampling mode, and that will allow you to record a sample from any input (even vinyl!) up to 32 seconds long into the DJS-1000, and you can use it as a track in the project file.

Key Features

  • Step sequencer - with its familiar layout, this makes it easy for you to add samples to any sequence, and easily see where the steps have been added thanks to the multi-colour capabilities of the buttons
  • Multi-coloured performance pads - the 16 large, velocity-sensitive pads in the centre where the jog wheel would be can be used for finger-drumming or they can be put into keyboard mode to play melodies. It can also be used to trigger and assign samples and loops during your set.
  • Touch strip - This has multiple uses such as pitch bending and note repeat, or customise the parameters to use it with any effect you want.
  • 7-inch full-colour touch screen - allows you to easily toggle through different screens: HOME, SEQUENCE, MIXER, PERFORMANCE FX etc.
  • Use DJ LINK to sync your own compositions with your DJ tunes, as well as MIDI clock to sync with MIDI devices. Sync with other devices manually by using the pitch slider and nudge buttons.
  • Live sampling - record up to 32 seconds from any input - your CDJs, a turntable, even a live instrumentalist/vocalist - and chop this up in the DJS-1000 and play around with it as you please.
  • FX - Apply echo, reverb, filter etc to individual tracks in your project, a group of tracks or the whole project.
  • Free Loopmasters samples, loops and demo project files to get your creativity flowing
  • Free DJS-TSP Project Creator software to create your project files on PC/Mac, and support for any project files created on the Toraiz SP-16.

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