Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 4-Channel DJ Controller

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Product Information

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10 4-Channel DJ Controller
Introducing the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10, the ultimate 4-channel high grade DJ controller featuring brand new Mix Point Link and Track Separation features, 6 Sound Colour FX and HI DPI jog wheel display. Featuring updated jog wheels with jog adjust, and a more spacious design that mimics that of Pioneer DJ’s flagship mixers – users of the FLX10 will find it easier than ever to split, mix and create with these new creative possibilities.

The DDJ-FLX10 has USB-C compatibility and two USB ports, allowing for seamless transitions between DJs using Rekordbox or Serato DJ. For the more mobile DJ, the FLX10 also has a DMX output, allowing you to have control over not just the music, but the lighting and environment around you and your audiences. Whether you’re mixing at home, or out and about, there is no denying Pioneer DJ have stepped up their game with the DDJ-FLX10 DJ controller.

Check out this video below for more information on what you can do on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10!

Key Features
  • 4-Channel DJ Controller
  • Rekordbox and Serato DJ Compatible
  • Track Seperation features, including FX and input gain control.
  • Mix Point Link
  • 6 Sound Colour FX
  • 3 Band EQ
  • Mic EQ with talkover.
  • Full size jog wheels with jog adjust and multi-colour LEDs.
  • Evolved MAGVEL FADER
  • HI DPI displays
  • DMX Output
  • USB-C Compatibility
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 Mic Ports
As technology advances, Pioneer DJ continues to raise the bar by introducing Rekordbox Stems. Using the FLX10, users can isolate the drums, vocals and instruments of tracks in more ways than one.

Using the three dedicated stem splitting buttons located at the top left of each player, you can isolate the drums, vocals or instruments of a track. Similarly, the LEDs on the jog wheels corresponds to the same colour as the buttons, meaning you can keep your focus on the decks rather than looking up at your laptop each time.

You can also apply FX to the stems which can be found just above the Beat FX section. Apply any FX and Sound Colour FX directly to your stems, designed similarly to the FX frequency selector found on high-end Pioneer DJ units such as the DJM-A9 and DJM-V10.

Finally, there is a hidden instance of stems being applied on the DDJ-FLX10. By holding shift and CUE, you can turn the EQ knobs on the selected tracks into isolators, giving you full control over the total amount of input running out of the mixer. With this new feature, Pioneer DJ have put creativity back into the hands of the DJ – the possibilities of your mixes are endless.
Mix Point Link
The new Mix Point Link feature on the FLX10 allows you to create slick musical transitions in your sets by linking mix points in tracks - meaning the next song will kick in automatically at the perfect moment. There’s no need to press play or count down manually, leaving you hands free to create mash-ups or add effects.
6 Sound Colour FX
Expanding on its predecessor’s 4 Sound Colour FX, the DDJ-FLX10 has 6! The mixer replicates that of Pioneer’s flagship DJM-A9, meaning you can choose from Space, Crush, Noise, Filter, Pitch and Echo. Also, the mixer section of the FLX10 features LEDs that highlight which channel is selected on the FX scroller for easier Beat FX selection.
HI DPI Displays with Dual Waveforms
The DDJ-FLX10 features new and improved jog wheels, with jog adjust and new HI DPI displays. With the HI DPI displays, find all the information you need about the tracks you’re mixing with which is made even easier by a brand new, never before seen feature on Pioneer DJ products: Dual Waveforms. Users no longer have to look up at their laptops whilst mixing as both tracks, their information and their waveforms match up on the jog wheels. Similarly, you can show your own DJ logo or selected image by using the Image Transfer Tool for PC/Mac. Prefer a club-standard jog wheel display however? No worries! You can control what you see on your jog wheels at any time by holding ‘shift’ and ‘page’. The ball is in your court.
Evolved Magvel Fader
Using a 4-sensor system, the evolved MAGVEL FADER allows you to make the smallest adjustments - allowing you to make the most of your musical performances.
DMX Output
For professional mobile DJs who like to take the party wherever they go, use the DMX output on the back of the controller to manage your audience’s lighting and surroundings. Connect equipment that is DMX-compatible directly to the controller and use rekordbox to create customised light effects. Similarly, you can set the software to automatically change the movement and colour of the equipment to he music you're playing. Gone are the days of needing external DMX interfaces.
Continuing to keep up with technologies, the FLX10 is USB-C compatible and features two USB ports – making transitions between DJs seamless on both rekordbox and Serato DJ. There are two Mic inputs (1 jack, 1 combi) with Mic EQ and Talkover, as well as the standard 4 phono/line inputs.
  • Software: rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    S/N ratio:
    • 110 dB (USB)
    • 94 dB (LINE)
    • 83 dB (PHONO)
    • 81 dB (MIC)
  • Total harmonic distortion:
    • 0.002% dB (USB)
    • 0.007% (LINE)
    • 0.025% (PHONO)
  • Input/Output terminals:
    • Inputs: LINE × 2 (RCA × 2), LINE / PHONO × 2 (RCA × 2), MIC × 2 (XLR & 1/4" TRS jack × 1, 1/4" TRS jack × 1)
    • Outputs: MASTER × 2 (XLR × 1, RCA × 1), BOOTH × 1 (1/4″ TRS jack × 1), PHONES × 2 (1/4" stereo jack × 1, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1)
    • USB: USB Type-C × 2
    • Others: DMX OUT (3P XLR) × 1
  • Power supply: AC adapter (DC 12 V)
  • Power consumption: 1800 mA
  • Maximum dimensions (W × D × H): 716 × 400.3 × 73.4 mm / 28.2” × 15.8” × 2.9”
  • Weight 6.7 kg
  • Accessories: Power cord, AC adapter, USB Type-C cable, Serato voucher (Pitch 'n Time DJ), Quick Start, Guide, Precautions for use, Warranty (selected regions only)

Additional Information



Software Included

rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro


Inputs: LINE × 2 (RCA × 2), LINE / PHONO × 2 (RCA × 2), MIC × 2 (XLR & 1/4" TRS jack × 1, 1/4" TRS jack × 1) Outputs: MASTER × 2 (XLR × 1, RCA × 1), BOOTH × 1 (1/4″ TRS jack × 1), PHONES × 2 (1/4" stereo jack × 1, 3.5 mm stereo mini jack × 1)


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