Pioneer HDJ-X5BT Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT: Bluetooth DJ Headphones?!

Get the best of both wired and wireless worlds...

Posted by Georgie Taylor 11/10/18

Pioneer DJ have decided to be the first to dip their toes into the concept of DJ headphones with built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

I know what you’re thinking: Latency?!

Well, Pioneer say that these headphones have extremely low latency on Bluetooth. And fear not – there is also a cable in the box. So, you can always just plug straight in to the mixer for gigs and use the Bluetooth mode for casual listening only, when you’re out and about and you don’t want a cable getting in your way. And whenever you plug in the cable, the Bluetooth connection and buttons will automatically disable. You can also enjoy hands-free calling when connected to your mobile, with the in-built mic.

HDJ-X5BT Cable

HDJ-X5BT Optional Cable

HDJ-X5BT Foldable Design

HDJ-X5BT Foldable Design

Enjoy the freedom of not having to reach for your mobile as well to skip, pause, turn up or turn down your music/podcasts/whatever. The buttons on the right earcup are there for you!

HDJ-X5BT-K Bluetooth Buttons

HDJ-X5BT-K Bluetooth Buttons

You can also expect around 20 hours of playback on a 3-hour charge (via the included micro USB cable).

You can still expect the same benefits of the original HDJ-X5s – such as the foldable design, super-comfortable swivel earcups, and excellent bass response and sound insulation.

Pioneer also boast that their headphones have passed the US Military Standard test for durability, so you can be sure they’ll last through heavy use in and out of the club.

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-X5BT DJ Headphones in Red, Black and White

This new range of the X5s come in three stunning colours – metallic black, metallic red and gloss white, all at a price of £139.

But of course, all of this is just words until you feel them and hear them for yourself! Feel free to give them a test drive in any of our Leeds, Manchester or Bristol stores – just give us a call beforehand to make sure we’ve received them in stock.